Download SI Partners' latest research on M&A in the U.S market

U.S Market Perspective on M&A Cross-Border Investment

Download SI Partners' latest paper examining the potential and size of M&A activity in the North American creative sector.

We are witnessing an increasingly growing interest from investors and acquirers to partner with North American creative businesses. In 2018 there was an 8.5% increase in North American creative M&A activity in 2018 - the second highest level of activity since 2010 - with $100bn of capital from cross-border investors flowing into the North American creative M&A space since 2010. 


A North America perspective

As a global M&A advisor specialising in creative and technology, our work with clients across six continents indicates a growing interest to partner with North American creative businesses and that there is also an expanding pool of North American acquirers and investors seeking to acquire creative businesses in foreign markets. This research examines the following opportunities for owners, acquirers and investors:

  • The potential and size of the North American market
  • The extent of M&A activity in creative and related technology sectors across the continent
  • The cross-border investment and acquisition opportunities in to, and out of, North America

The paper also features commentary from 4A's president and CEO Marla Kaplowitz and BSSP founding partner and 4A's chairman Greg Stern.


Download SI Partners' latest research exploring creative M&A activity in North America