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SI Partners' Path to Growth Survey

A global analysis of the growth challenges and aspirations of over 600 agencies in 16 global markets.

Where are agency leaders seeking new opportunities? What commercial and internal pressures do they face and how are they planning to develop their offer in a fast-changing environment? 

These and many other questions relating to the pressures and barriers to growth are regularly asked by agency leaders. SI Partners, global consultancy and M&A advisor to creative and technology businesses, commissioned this study of 600 businesses in every major national and regional marcoms market to share insight on the current state of agency growth and the challenges to growth faced by agency leaders.

The research captures agencies’ common aspirations, expectations, outlook and concerns on a global level, as well as identifying particular issues and challenges they face in different regions.


Are you a leader looking to expand internationally or sell your business? How do you grow revenues and attract and retain creative talent?

Marketing services and creative agencies around the world are seeking growth through global expansion but are unsure how to deliver these ambitions and are neglecting other strategic priorities that could be holding them back from realising their full potential value.

In its Path to Growth Survey, SI Partners examines:

  • The hopes and aspirations of marketing and communication companies worldwide;
  • Where the strategic growth opportunities lie; and
  • Where the doubts are as creative agencies seek to survive and thrive in a competitive and ever more global market.

The survey also reveals the nature and importance of the fight for marcoms talent, particularly in senior positions and for specialist marcoms knowledge as agencies seek to keep their product and service offerings relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.

The SI Partners Path to Growth Survey asks:

  • Do marcoms businesses understand the correct strategic growth levers? And how confident are they in achieving their growth ambitions?
  • Can companies match their risk appetite with international expansion?
  • Is there a talent, culture and leadership gap?


Download the SI Partners Path to Growth Survey to gain an understanding of the common challenges faced by marcoms agencies as they scale, what acquirers prioritise and growth strategies for creating a leading marcoms business in today’s diverse landscape.